Why Do Network Marketers Fail?
Interview with Norbert Orlewicz

Network Marketing failure is no secret.

With so many MLM tools and resources available,,, why is Network Marketing failure rate still so high?

Watch this video with Norbert Orlewicz where I had the opportunity to ask him “Why Do Network Marketers Fail?“, in person while on a private Mastermind Retreat in Cancun:

It comes down to one of two answers.

1. They don’t have the inner drive to push themselves to be a person of success.

2. They haven’t found the resources, tools, systems, training and mentors they need yet.

In every industry on the planet there is always the 5% that rise to the top of their industry and are the most successful. In every other industry outside of MLM it’s quite likely that the reason more don’t rise to the top is because of a lack of inner drive.

However, the people that join Network Marketing usually DO have that inner drive, it’s what lead them to Network Marketing in the first place. So that leads me to believe that their lack of success is because they are still searching for the right resources.

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