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Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a fantastic way to market your business, as long as it is used correctly. The concept of continually sending out sales messages that are only 140 characters in length can be quite difficult to grasp. Though Twitter only seems to operate in one direction, it is also possible to interact with your customers through this social media. Twitter marketing tools are really useful in getting your message to potential clients, and automating who you are going to follow, but there are other parts of your marketing strategy to consider.

Twitter, when used correctly, can be extremely useful as a way of staying in touch with potential clients. However, you cannot just send messages out, you have to interact with your followers. If you do not, you will become as annoying as computerized sales phone calls.

Be Personal

You are more likely to get a positive reaction if it appears that your messages have been sent by a human. E- mails and text messages allow the recipients to reply, and tweeting is no different. This does not necessarily involve you having to sit behind your computer all day replying to tweets. This is where Twitter marketing tools come into their own, but there are times that you will have to send personal messages so as to let them know there is a real person behind the tweet.

To make it obvious that there is somebody there, make some of your tweets topical. You might not be able to get your whole opinion over in 140 characters, but you will be able to start off a discussion. Even if it is only an argument, it will mean that a bond has been created.

Sending Messages With Twitter Marketing Tools

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How To Use Twitter

One thing that you must avoid in using Twitter marketing tools, is to appear that you are spamming people with the same message. This will only alienate your followers. You must aim to be viewed as helpful, and reliable. If you want people to be able to find your tweets, and the products you are discussing, use a # tag to identify them.

An important thing to do is to create a marketing message that will fit into the 140 character limit, and then make several variants of it. It will not look like you are continually sending the same message out, though in fact you are. When you are interacting with a prospective client, you are going to be asked questions, probably the same question from each client, so you should devise 140 character tweets of similar answers for those as well. You will begin to know what questions you are going to be asked, so be prepared for them.

Try Re-Tweeting

In using your Twitter marketing tools, You must make sure that some of your messages relate in some way to current events. Your followers will then realize there is a human element behind the marketing. If, for some reason, you cannot think of anything topical to tweet about, there is a solution. It is called re-tweeting, this is when you get a message that has been sent to you, add a little personal message of your own to it, and then send it out to all of your followers.

You will find that Twitter marketing tools can help you with your business, as long as they are used correctly, and you do not rely on them totally. They are the ideal solution to drip feed explanatory messages about your services, and also to find you followers, and people to follow. However, the advantages gained by using these tools, can be lost if you do not add the human touch.

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