Choosing The Right Twitter Marketing Tool For The Job

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Twitter Marketing Tool

The Internet isn’t the billboard advertising highway that it was before. Now, blogs, social networks, and other systems have provided an interaction with customers that is unprecedented. With the best Twitter marketing tool you can maximize your efforts in the social networking venue.

How To Make The Best Use Of Twitter Marketing Tools

Personal Blog – Blogs have become the popular way to provide updated information to customers and clients. A personal blog has practically replaced the traditional press release. Through plug-ins and system features you can connect your blog posts to social networks. The majority send the title of the post with a link back to the post so people can get an idea of what it is about and decide if they want to return to read the whole posting.

Twitter Marketing Tool – Providing connections between the various networks allows personal blog posts to appear on all of them. With the various networks available, it can be overwhelming to try and coordinate a message across all platforms. Using a Twitter marketing tool, you can use one system to originate all messages and have them posted in every network you are subscribed to.

Tracking Progress – Compiling statistics is crucial in order to understand the impact and progress of the marketing methods. To make sure your efforts are being rewarded with visits and sales, you need to find out where the visitors are coming from and why. The best way is to employ a specific Twitter marketing tool that tracks this information. Referral sites are the ones the visitors jump from to your site. Using other tools, you can also verify what message brought them to your site.

Using A Twitter Marketing Tool

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Twitter Marketing Tool

Tweet Consistently – Twitter moves fast, and your tweets will get buried quickly amidst the other tweeters. Scheduled messaging provides an ongoing presence with your followers. Having a series of messages until you head home from the office leaves the impression that your company is no longer available after the messenger leaves. If you schedule the messages throughout the day, the presence will be continuous. This ongoing presence keeps your products and services in front of the customers even when the office is closed.

Link Shorteners – Tweets are short. Shorter links leave room for the real message. Simply sending a link to the masses will not get many visitors. However, using a link shortening system allows you to include a message with a much shorter link at the end. This way the people will know why they should click on the link. For instance, the blog post title with a short link allows the customers to know they will be taken to that post.

A Twitter marketing tool that allows for link shortening saves space in messaging. The ability to take a very long web address and shorten it to a few characters allows you to add more information to your message. For instance, you can post just the link and hope people follow it, or you can send the title of a blog post with a short link that will route your customers to the longer web address automatically.

The Twitter Tool – Twitter desktop applications such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite save time and effort. Obviously, sending messages through the phone on a constant basis would consume the messenger and not allow them to truly generate quality messages. Using a desktop application on the computer allows the writer to see many streams at once. Many of these tools also include scheduling functions.

The Twitter marketing tool that you choose will help you do a better job at marketing through the short messages. Combining several of them will help provide a great way to manage all the social networking you need to promote your business. Communication and interaction are important in today’s world of social networking and advertising.

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