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Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet today and is blowing up just like Facebook did in years gone by. Because of this many people are now using this social network to build up their online following and market their businesses. Many people have mastered this and have increased their sales as well as their followings using this network. You will hardly find any meaningful website that does not have a button connected to this page somewhere on their site. In future it may well become one serious competitor to Facebook. Let us tell you some good Twitter marketing strategies.

One marketing strategy people are now using along with this network is integrating their LinkedIn account with their account. If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn it is just a social network much like Facebook except this one is mainly centered on professionals and is mainly used by business people. In order for you to update your LinkedIn account you actually have to be on the LinkedIn website so when you update your LinkedIn status, why not update your tweet status as well.

It can help grow your business and comes at no extra cost to you. You can simply do so by clicking on the twitter button next to your status box to integrate your LinkedIn account with this network. After adding this network, you can then click on a checkbox to turn the feature on or off, in case you have some updates that you do not want to appear on your account.

More Twitter Marketing Strategies

Another exciting thing you can do with this social network is to simply go to its goodies section where they have a wide range of buttons which you can put on your website. These buttons make it quite easy for anyone to follow you online. There is a whole bunch of different sized button so you can really get the right size you are looking for.

Chat Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter Marketing Strategies

This provides a way for someone to easily follow you and you can build a huge list of people by doing this. You can also place a call to action phrase in whatever article your visitor is reading and ask him to either follow you or share the page with his or her followers. This can lead to swarms of traffic for your website and also swarms of sales.

Another great thing about this is that you can easily track the performance of your marketing. There are various tools you can use to do this. One of them is the analyzer. This is an analytics application that gives you very detailed information about your networking account.

You simply have to give it your user name and it will show you a graph with the number of updates to your account. One even more useful feature is the one which tells you how much your username has been featured on other people’s accounts. This can give you a real measure of how popular your twitter account is and how you are connecting with you followers.

Twitter is really a goldmine since it has not been around for long. There are plenty of  Twitter marketing strategies you can exploit and these can really boost your online business.

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