Residual Incomes Streams – Fact or Fiction?
Fact Residual Incomes Streams   Fact or Fiction?

Are you one of many individuals that would like to make multiple streams of income to help pay the bills during these stressful finance times? Take this fast affiliate marketing test we are going to warn you, it does contain some mathematics. Let’s see how you do, it isn’t troublesome. Below follow two precise real-life selling systems. Your job is to work out which one will be more moneymaking in the long run.

In the first scenario it takes 100 clicks to make a sale. Each sale pays $100 in commissions. The refund rate is a low five pc. At $.80 per click, what’s going to be the return on your first $100 investment?

In the second promoting eventuality it in a similar way takes one hundred clicks to make a sale. Every sale offers $100 commission but also gives a monthly residual commission of $10. As above, there’s a 5% refund rate and the average length of the subscription is four months. Now, if you pay $.80 per click as in the first example, how much will you make now for your $100 investment?

In the 1st affiliate marketing example it would cost $80 to make one sale.

$100 – $80 = $20 less 5% refund rate equals $19 net profit. That sure is a pretty good 19% return on your marketing investment.

In the second, same result for the primary sale – but the NET PROFIT is much more provoking because of the monthly residual income! Here you would get $19 for the upfront sale and an additional $40 over a period of time. That is $59 net profit for a 59% ROI.

Residual Income – The Difference that Makes a Difference

You can always tell a superb affiliate’s selling model the one time they’ll offer something similar to in the 1st example above, they will find a way to leverage that sale. A lot of them will offer a free report, a bonus, or some kind of review simply as a way of obtaining your opt in info they give value for worth and this is where the leverage comes in.

A concentrated opt in list could be worth up to five dollars a month to the list owner. The secret is to offer an upsell later on which naturally gives the opportunity to earn another commission.

The heavy hitters in the affiliate marketing business go one better than that, they focus on promoting their products which at first supply an one-time commission but go on to supply an upsell to something that offers a monthly residual income, such as a membership site.

So the key to the best affiliate marketing opportunities is not about the first commission, it’s about what follows later on. Are you able to blame them? In the example, it’s the most important difference between 19% and 59% investment return.

Swell Your Income Streams let them Flow into a River of Residual Income!

The Nile Stream is the longest brook in the world.

You can see it and it’s 2 main tributaries from space. It is that giant. What you can’t see is the Nile is actually fed by THOUSANDS of individual streams and tributaries. Thousands.

A large amount of little streams merging to create one large, world-record breaking brook.

Taking your affiliate promotion income to a higher level is typically a matter of making your own Brook of income by making multiple, little streams of income.

Start promoting services and goods that pay a monthly residual income. And only those products. And then simply kick back and watch the magic occur.

Because when you have residual income coming in – you never start the month at zero! Think about that.

You may never start the month from nothing having to figure out what you’ve got to do to make cash to meet the bills it will already be there in your account – is the ultimate in financial security.

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To Your Prosperity and Success

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