Numis Network Review: Why I Chose To Join Numis Network

Every MLM company has the best compensation plan and the best product. Just ask any rep in any MLM and they will tell you that theirs is the best.

But when it comes to finding one that really stands out from all the rest it’s near impossible. Until you look at Numis Network. If you see what I saw in Numis, then you’ll understand why I chose to join Numis Network.

In this Numis Network review I’ll break down for you what sets it apart, and some stunning things that Numis Network is able to offer that no other MLM in history has been able to accomplish,,, until NOW.

Why I Chose Numis Network

Most MLM company reviews are empty and don’t include many details, in the same way that Numis Network is different, so is this Numis Network Review. I’m also going to give you the common objections that we face as Numis Network Reps.

Here’s what sets it apart when I look at Numis Network.

coins Numis Network Review: Why I Chose To Join Numis NetworkTHE PRODUCT

No one can deny how vital money is in their everyday life, and to have a shortage of it day in and day out gets old…. As a matter of fact it’s downright depressing.

So, Numis Network came along and offered the opportunity to create wealth by supplying MONEY to people.

That’s right, the product itself is MONEY.

Every month Numis Network sends its reps money that is worth more than they paid for it. So they are already in profit on their first month with Numis.

Numis Network specializes in MS70 Silver Coins. MS70 stands for Mint State 70. On a scale of 1 to 70 with MS70 being the highest possible grade a coin could receive. The product is encased and certified as being in perfect mint condition.


How Do We Know Numis Network Coins Really Are MS70 Perfect Condition?

Numis Network coins have been graded by a third party coin grading company (either PCGS, NGC or ANACS) none of which are affiliated with Numis so that you can be assured that the product was inspected by an unbiased grading specialist.

Coin grading is a fee-based service in which a coin or medal is sent to an independent company to render an opinion on its authenticity and condition. Graded coins are then encapsulated in a plastic holder, also known as a “slab.” A label insert identifies the coin and provides a grade on the 70-point Sheldon coin grading scale. Coins that are not genuine or have been altered in some way are not graded.

What is a “slab”? Check this out:

Can’t I Just Buy These Coins On eBay For $50?

You can try, but there’s a LOT of counter-fitters out there. And the “slab” that a coin comes in can be altered to say a Mint State value that isn’t true. This is how Numis Network not only insures that the coins are in perfect MS70 condition, but also how you know that the coin is NOT a counterfeit:

And even if a coin is not a counterfeit, here’s some other issues you might run into with purchasing Numismatics through an online auction site:


What are PCGS, NGC and ANACS?

PCGS is the acronym for Professional Coin Grading Service a third party grading service for grading rare coins. Founded in 1986, and located in Newport Beach, CA., it is a subsidiary of Collector’s Universe, Inc.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (or NGC) is a provider of third-party coin grading services to numismatists. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. It is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association.

ANACS is the pioneer of Third Party Grading, which was founded by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972. The board of governors realized the need to have a guarantee of authenticity, and so offered the first authentication service. At that time, the coins were not graded, only confirmed as genuine. Encapsulation had not yet come about, either, and so the coins were returned with a photo certificate.

I Prefer Bullion

I like bullion too. I don’t know any reps that are in Numis Network that don’t. Most Numis Network reps become highly educated on the topic of coins, silver and gold through the training they receive in Numis Network. This is why Numis Network reps also purchase bullion. However, we can’t make money selling bullion through Network Marketing, at least not legally.

And when I look at those who bash on Numismatics, it’s always the bullion brokers. Coincidence? I think not. You aren’t going to find a Numismatist that talks bad about bullion though you will find most bullion brokers will talk negatively about Numismatics, because they have a biased interest to sell more bullion.

Here is just one of the many videos that explains the difference of collecting Numismatic coins vs. investing in bullion:

What Are These Coins Going To Be Worth In 5 Years?

Historically, Numismatic coins (especially those that are graded as MS70) have increased in value. To insure that Numis Network Reps never lose the value of their coins Numis Network has created the 5 year buyback guarantee. If in 5 years a Numis Network Rep wants to liquidate their Silver Coin Of The Month they received on their autoship Numis Network will buy it back at the same price that was originally paid for it.

A Numis Network Rep will never have their autoship depreciate in value in those 5 years, Numis has guaranteed to purchase it back. Can you say that for your vitamins, juice or travel voucher?

Of course not. That’s why Numis can actually say that they are doing something that has never been done before in MLM. The 5 year buyback guarantee.

Why Would Numis Network Create The 5 Year Buy Back Guarantee?

1. Numis Network understands the value of the coins and that they have historically increased in value. Numis Network is not afraid of guaranteeing to pay full purchase price of the Silver Coin Of The Month autoship in 5 years because Numis is confident that the coins will be worth MORE.

2. Numis Network plans on being here in 5 years to support their reps. How many MLM companies can you think of that have given a 5 year guarantee to their reps that they will be here in 5 years? How many businesses in general give that kind of commitment? Most businesses are created on a whim by amateurs that are just interested in making a quick buck. So this brings us to the founders of Numis Network.


Who Are The Numis Network Founders?

FACT: Most Network Marketing companies are started by people who have never actually ran a successful business of this type before.

MORE FACT: Founders of Numis Network, Jake Kervorkian III, Ian Cordell, and Chris Kent each have over 20 years personal hands on experience in Network Marketing both as reps for companies and as owners.

MORE and MORE FACT: Jake Kervorkian III was a rep with a health and wellness company that was going to shutdown and pull their comp plan from their reps. Jake wouldn’t allow for this to happen to the reps so he bought the MLM company to insure that the reps continued to receive their checks. This kind of integrity in the Numis Network Founders gives peace to their reps to know that Numis Network will not leave their reps hanging.

Chris Kent and Ian Cordell own IDSTC, a company that creates and provides business software to MLM companies. Furthermore, they have helped over 450 MLM companies create their compensation plans. So they have seen what does and what doesn’t work, and have brought the best into Numis Network. Which brings us to the Pay Plan of Numis Network.


Numis Network comp plan pays out in about 20 different ways. Ranging all the way from your first upfront commission, to earning your autoship for free, and to earning a free BMW. For the sake of time and length of this post I’ll keep it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – You earn a $100 bonus for every fast track collectors kit you sell. Whether that be to a new rep that you enroll, or at retail. (Sell 3 fast track collector kits at retail and your autoship is free!) When you sell your first fast track collectors kit you earn $100 up front commission. You also earn $10 for each fast track collector kit that your reps sell.

Step 2 – You bring in your 2nd rep into Numis Network. You earn another $100 commission for the sale of the fast track collector kit PLUS you get a raise! You now start earning 10% commissions on the binary compensation within Numis Network.

Step 3 – You bring in your 3rd rep into Numis Network. You earn another $100, you still earn the 10% binary commissions, you still also get the $10 commission for each fast track collectors kit that your reps sell. PLUS you have now laid down your Foundation Team and you can now begin building your Legacy Team. Each time a representative in your Legacy Team earns $100 Fast Track Bonus (from the sale of a Fast Track Collectors Kit) you earn a matching $100 Legacy bonus.


I’ve Heard Binary Comp Plans Are Bad And Are Created To Only Make The Company Money.

Traditionally Binaries are setup as a losing game for the reps. Luckily Numis Network is aware of that stigma and took actions to correct it. There’s none of the breakaway or sacrificing to your upline found in traditional binary comp plans.

None of the Fast Track bonuses are attached to the binary. As an executive you will always make $100 off your fast track collector kit sales.

Also, when it comes to the percentage paid out by traditional binaries, Numis fixed that too. There is no special hoops to jump through and you START at 10% commissions on your binary team. Most companies don’t even make it that high. Numis also pays a MATCHING binary bonus. This means they pay a percentage on what your downline earns from their binary to you.


Numis Network has the highest concentration of top online marketers than any other MLM company. Numis Network embraces the use of online marketing even though their roots are in offline marketing. When Numis launched Chris, Ian and Jake went “old school” and literally launched right in the living rooms of their friends and family. (None of that prelaunch hype you see on the internet!)


With So Many Top Online Marketers In Numis I Don’t Stand A Chance!


What you should be thinking is “With so many top online marketers in Numis I will have access to the best minds on the internet!” Not only that, but Numis Network is one of the few Network Marketing companies that understands the marketing side of Network Marketing. Most marketing tools within a company are created by someone that is in the company that is just throwing excitement into the tools and the tools are ineffective. Click Here and view just one of the tools for growing Numis Network.

This is why I chose Numis Network. Why did you?

Here is what others say about why they joined Numis Network:

Want more info on Numis Network? Here is Chris Kent, one of the founders, giving you a brief overview presentation of Numis Network:

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