Location, Location, Location: Choosing the Best Place for Presentations

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Many factors add up to a successful presentation, and one of the most overlooked is choosing the right place to do it. Would you present just anywhere? How would that help you?

It only makes sense to pick a place that gives you the advantage, a venue that enhances your credibility and leaves a good and lasting impression on your audience.

These are some tips to keep in mind when looking for that location.

Choose a venue you know

This simple strategy is an effective time-saver. For one, you can gauge more or less the amount of time you need to get there. For another, you also know where everything is—the restrooms, the power sockets, the projector screen, the air-conditioner controls, and so on. You won’t have to interrupt your own presentation to look for these things when you need them.

Just be sure to choose a place that your client knows as well! It would be pretty embarrassing if they’re late because they had a hard time finding your venue.

If you must present in an unfamiliar place, be sure to arrive extra early to check that everything’s in order. It’s also wise to have a back-up venue nearby in case of problems when your original location becomes unavailable.

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You’ll want your prospect to focus on what you’re saying when you’re saying it—and nothing else. Choose a quiet, relaxing spot away from crowds and loud music. That rules out nightclubs, sports events, movie houses, and birthday parties.

Also avoid places that have potential distractions. Your prospect’s home or office may spell trouble for your presentation because co-workers, children, or even pets can interrupt you just as you’re hitting your stride. Imagine being in the middle of your spiel when your prospect’s secretary barges in with a call for an urgent meeting—NOW. Where would that leave your pitch?

Choose a location that speaks well of your business

Pick a bright, airy place that gives you a happy, contented feeling. These places relax your client and make them more agreeable. Also, pick a location that distinguishes you as a wealthy, successful person. A country club, a classy restaurant, a fancy hotel lobby, or a posh meeting room with a great view are all excellent places—they send the signal that you’re someone to be taken seriously. Avoid gloomy, poor-lit places filled with cigarette smoke or surly folk. You don’t want the impression that you’re proposing something illegal or dangerous.

Given the above tips, one of the best places to present may actually be your network marketing companys own headquarters. This gives you the home-court advantage—not only can you use the venue for free, you can also use whatever presentation materials they have available. It also shows that your company is an existing and legitimate business.

Finally, you can ask for support from your co-members or even the company leaders in case your prospect has some questions you can’t answer. On your home turf, you’re in control.

If your prospect is unable to come to your headquarters or its satellite offices, at least choose a neutral meeting place, like a quiet coffee shop or restaurant. By going to their home or office, you’re giving them the advantage you should have given yourself.

Your choice of venue affects the outcome of your presentation, so choose well!

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