Tips And Tricks On How To Get More Fans On Facebook Page

It is important for your marketing efforts to figure how to get more fans on Facebook page. Social media such as Facebook can help you reach more prospects and let them know about your latest products and marketing events. Many marketers  have Facebook fan pages but do not know how to get a lot of fans to like their link. Here is some advice on how to maximize the number of followers for your site.

Use The Like Plug In

Like Button How To Get More Fans On Facebook PagePlug ins are very effective if you use them on your  website or blog page. If website or blog visitors like what they see on your site, they might want to click on a Like Box on your website. This plug in lets all people who put likes automatically become a fan on your FB site. Install the plug in on your blog or site next to an exciting post, photos or a video.

Invite To Your Fan Page

Invite prospects who are on your email newsletter list and invite them to view your fan page. You can run a contest for your email subscribers such as posting their photos to win a prize. When you send the invitation by email,  make your Facebook logo or profile picture prominently displayed so that the user can spot the right fan website based on your logo or picture.

Post A Video

Another gimmick that works is to post a video on your FB tab link that tells visitors what you are  about in a fun way. Make the video exciting and1841 How To Get More Fans On Facebook Page fun to encourage viewers to click the Like button that makes them become a fan of your site. Do a shock-and-awe video to get their attention.

Get Vpype

An app on Facebook called Vpype lets you post live streaming videos on your fan site. Default settings let non-fans also watch the live show. If your live shows are interesting enough people might join your fan base to be able to watch live videos anytime they wish.

Create A Poll

Facebook members love voting on things. Create a poll of ask users to vote on significant issues that affect people, communities and the environment. After your fans vote, it will show up on their live feed on the home page on own their own profile section. Other people will see it and want to vote to. To be able to vote, they will need to be a fan on your website.

Install A Selling Plug In

If you have your own product to sell,  you can install a plug in that lets users buy from your fan page even if they are not fans yet. When they buy things or leave a comment about your product, it shows up on their live news feed or profile. Their friends might become interested in your products and join your fan site to be able to see what else you offer on your website.

Use Pictures!

fotograp How To Get More Fans On Facebook PageImages are powerful tools on Facebook. Pictures always catch more attention than plain text. Post images and photographs on your fan page and ask users to tag themselves or share beautiful images. When their friends see a nice image, they will likely click on the link that leads to your webpage. Images will get you more mileage than a ton of words.

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