How To Generate MLM Leads Everywhere You Go

xsmall4 How To Generate MLM Leads Everywhere You Go

When you are in Network Marketing, one very important aspect of your marketing campaign is to leave a footprint everywhere you go. No, I don’t mean a literal footprint! I mean that EVERYWHERE you go, the next person who comes behind you knows that you were there. How do you do this? Here are some ideas:

Business cards

You should have a good stack of business card with you in your purse/wallet. When you pay for a check, leave your card behind. If you are in a bookstore, leave your card in a book you’ve been looking at. If you walk in to someplace and see business cards posted, put yours right along with them.


Any time you are waiting in a service environment, you have time on your hands. So does everyone else. Leave something for them to read. If you are in a doctor’s office, tire shop, car wash, etc, leave behind a catalog or brochure for the next person behind you to read.

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You need to have your eyes peeled for every opportunity. There are community boards that allow flyers to be posted for businesses. If you walk past one, you’d better be leaving your flyer for the next person who walks past the board to see (add some brochures or business cards in a backwards envelope for some takeways as a plus).


If you belong to a company that has any kind of samples, package them in a clear plastic bag with a label that has your name and email/phone number. Any place you go, leave it with a receptionist or desk person as a thank you. You’ll score extra points and leave a footprint at the same time.

As you keep this footprint mindset, think of ways that you can leave behind SOME piece of your business EVERY time you leave the house. Make sure you have plenty of materials in your car and in your purse or briefcase. Soon, your footprint will be stamped firmly in your community.

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