How I Topped The TribePro Leaderboards

number 1 How I Topped The TribePro LeaderboardsI don’t claim to be an expert at everything related to online marketing, but there’s a couple things I’ve learned how to do extremely well. I believe it’s these things that let me get to the #1 spot on the TribePro leaderboards, beating out Staci Gauny’s tribe (she’s the creator of TribePro), and the MLSP-MyLeadSystemPro tribe (the most prestigious online community for network marketers), David Wood’s tribe (the top recruiter and lead generation marketer within MLSP) and Jordan Schultz’s tribe (the guy that does all the TribePro training for MLSP).

Here’s what I did to get my own Tribe on the leaderboards, and my Tribe (Build With Fred) is only 2 weeks old.

Be Consistent – I create new content for my blog daily. No excuses. I always post to it. And those posts go directly into TribePro.

Don’t Try To Be The Expert – Instead, find someone who is (in this case I sought out Stephanie Deneke after hearing about her from Lawrence Tam and David Wood while on a Mastermind Marketing retreat in Costa Rica) and either pay them to set it up for you, or find out who they paid to set theirs up.

If You Want Others To Promote You, Promote Yourself First – No one is going to know who you are or what you’re doing unless you speak up about it first. Because I contacted Stephanie and told her what I was doing and what I wanted to accomplish she in turn featured me in her indepth training that she did on how to use TribPro.

I hadn’t noticed the Leaderboards within TribePro. There are leaderboards for the authors, the posts and for the tribes. It wasn’t until Stephanie was showing my blog and tribe within TribePro that I realized I was in the top 5 tribes for the day.

toptribe2 300x242 How I Topped The TribePro Leaderboards

Stephanie took this screen shot during her training webinar.

By the next morning I was here:

toptribe4 300x175 How I Topped The TribePro Leaderboards

Shortly after that because of more new people joining the tribe and using my tribe as their origin within TribePro I hit the #1 spot on the leaderboards for the day. (And #4 for the whole week)

toptribe5 300x175 How I Topped The TribePro Leaderboards

In order to be on the leaderboards for the tribes you need to create your own tribe within TribePro (for the maximum exposure make sure it’s a “global” tribe) and to that you need to be at the Pro level in TribePro.

If you’re just getting started in creating your site and posting content then start out in TribePro by posting within a Tribe that is already getting a lot of traffic and members. You can post within “Build With Fred” by joining TribePro here:

Visit Build With Fred

Online marketing, SEO and ranking on Google becomes a walk in the park when you’re using a tool as powerful as tribepro. Thousands of backlinks and traffic happens overnight, which will grab the attention of Google faster than the most strategically placed keywords or article submissions. What are you waiting for? Get In A Tribe!


Face at fair23 150x150 How I Topped The TribePro LeaderboardsTo Your Prosperity and Success

Fred Wiedemeyer
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