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Facebook Advertising

Though Google ads are currently at the top of the charts, Facebook advertising represents a new trend which is quickly growing in popularity. But before switching to this platform, you should first ask yourself: how does Facebook advertising work, exactly? A basic analysis of it reveals similar use of advertising principles, using keywords and geolocation to expose your business to potential clients.

Facebook has become a widely used website across the globe, showing great potential when it comes to user exposure. Though Google has the same, if not greater, number of people using it, the freshness of this advertising method presents itself at a far lower price for what is basically the same effect.

A lower cost implies that targeting expensive markets can be done with a lower budget. It is an advantage that might not seem as appealing to a serious marketer, however, who cares more about the return than the investment. The real difference between ad words and social network promotion is as following.

Ad words target advertisements based on certain keywords. This leaves you, the advertiser, little control of the population that accesses your ads. With finding how does Facebook advertising work, however, you are given the option of structuring campaigns using demographics. This allows you to target specific countries or regions.

Learning How Does Facebook Advertising Work

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Target Marketing

Not only countries can be targeted, but cities as well. This may appeal to physical businesses that only want to target local population. Keep in mind that you may select as many cities as you desire, without caring about covered radius or similar factors. This method leads to a more effective campaign without spending much money.

Aside from location, specific age groups, interests or genders can also be filtered for additional precision of targets. By focusing on the exact target population you are interested in, you will have a higher rate of success. Keep in mind that this can only be done once you have properly learned how does Facebook advertising work so you can structure your campaign in order to target efficiently.

Conversion is probably the main weakness when it comes to promotion on the social network. Ads become far more relevant, but do not get as many clicks, since search engine users tend to be looking for the advertised product or ones similar to it in the first place, whilst social network users are there for different reasons.

This also means that there is a bigger chance that someone who clicks the ad will actually purchase it. The two promotion forms are still fundamentally similar, since they are both on a pay-per-click basis. This leaves the Facebook marketer with an edge granted by the fact that most clicks lead to actual sales. Hopefully, after reading this general overview on the topic, anyone questioning how does Facebook advertising work will get his or her answer. Remember though that it is still a new concept, which may be improved in the future by having new features and upgrades added. That is why it is recommended to learn it at this stage, when it is all still fairly simple, since later on it might become more difficult. See here to find out where to learn more about how does Facebook advertising work.


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