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Facebook can be used to build an internet business, and many internet marketers are discovering the power of social media and how social media can be leveraged to expand their on line business. But in order to build a business using Facebook, one has to learn how to get Facebook fans. The objective, is to encourage Facebook visitors to visit one’s internet store where one sells his or affiliate products, but a marketer has to encourage visitors in a subtle way, or else visitors will realize that the face book page is simply a marketing tool.

The objective is to give people a reason to visit one’s face book page. This can be done by offering visitors a free gift, like an e-book if they visit the fan page. This is called an ethical bribe in the internet marketing world.

Writing articles is a great way to promote one’s Facebook page and get Facebook fans. For instance, a person who sells golf equipment on line, can write articles about golf clubs. He can then post his articles on internet article directories and include a link to his Facebook page.

Encourage website owners to post the articles on their websites, as long as they include the Facebook link. The more articles that are distributed around the internet, the more exposure the marketer will have. Naturally, the marketer should also post the articles on his Facebook page.

Build Relationships To Get Facebook Fans

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Successful marketers understand that people like to buy from people they know, which means that it is important to start a relationship with customers. Social media is a great way for marketers to interact with their customers, and the smart marketer takes advantage of these relationships to sell more products. There has never been an easier way for marketers to build relationships, and get Facebook fans to build a customer base.

Social media sites allow people from around the world to converse and build a community of people who have a common interest. As the marketer builds his social media presence, he can establish relationships with his like minded people, who are also potential customers of his on line business. But, the marketer must not come across as simply a salesman on the social media sites or else people will take him off their list of friends.

There are many subtle ways a marketer can use Facebook to promote his on line business and get Facebook fans. For instance, the golf equipment merchandiser can upload videos of him playing golf and ask visitors to critique his swing. He can encourage visitors to upload videos of their golf game and ask other visitors to critique their golf game, which will build a community of golfers helping each other improve their game.

There is no end to the ideas of how to get Facebook fans in order to build one’s on line business. The power of social media has not yet been completely tapped, but many marketers are finding out that sites like Facebook are great tools to build their business to levels they never dreamed. But, the smart marketer realizes that he has to use social media in a subtle way, or else he will lose friends and potential customers.

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