Four Reasons for Choosing Network Marketing

why Four Reasons for Choosing Network Marketing

Is networking the right business for you? Are you on the fence about starting your own organization? Or do you need some very good reasons to convince skeptical friends? Let me share some tidbits that can help.

1. Network Marketing is a Ready-to-start Business – And a good one too.

The direct selling industry accounts for at least $100 Billion in world revenue, and is expected to grow by 13% until 2018. So imagine what it would be like to get even .01% share of that money. But potential income is only half the equation.

Consider all the elements you need to bring together to start up a traditional business:

• Capital
• Employees
• Advertising
• Location and Equipment
• Products
• Training
• Business Systems

Pretty daunting, isn’t it?

In network marketing, you do away with having employees, advertising and location. The product already exists, there’s a business system in place, and you get training as well. The only thing you need to provide to get started is capital, which compared to the amount you need to cough up for a traditional business, is very minimal.

Imagine how many thousands of dollars you would have to pay to purchase a big-time franchise. Then imagine how many man-hours you need to put in just setting things up. Then imagine how many months—or yes, years—it may take to get a return on your investment, if at all.

Finally, imagine if all of that has been set up for you, and all you have to do is buy in with a minimal fee and get to work. That’s how you can grow an appreciation of the network marketing system.


2. Network Marketing provides Leveraged Income –

When you have a regular job or profession—doesn’t matter if you’re a janitor or a CEO—you have what’s known as linear income. That means you trade your time for money, which in turn means if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

There’s nothing wrong with linear income, nothing wrong with receiving a regular paycheck each month. You don’t have to leave your job if you don’t want to. Just recognize that kind of income for what it is—limited. It’s limited to the amount of time you have, the skills you’ve got, and your energy for work. All of which shrink as you approach the age for rocking chairs and retirement homes.

Leveraged income is a totally different ballgame. Instead of trading your time for money, you leverage other people’s time. That means that even when you’re not working, others will be, giving you passive income.

As your network grows, your income grows too, and there will come a point wherein you trade little time, but earn a ridiculous amount of money! That’s the power of leveraged income.


3. You get hands-on Training –

Often for free. That’s because up-lines in your network realize that the only way they can make money is if their down-lines are making money too. And so they’ll offer to train you, support you, and coach you along until you’re ready to do the same for your organization.Why choose network marketing5 300x240 Four Reasons for Choosing Network Marketing

It’s also likely that your organization will provide other kinds of training material, or point you to books that provide advanced learning. You just need to be coachable, and be willing to apply what you’ve learned to managing your business.

You don’t need an MBA, you don’t need to have a degree. You just need to be willing to learn.


4. People are your Resource –

Never forget, networking is the business of people. In this world, land, energy and commodities are limited and become more expensive each year. But people—people are an ever-regenerating resource. Even if you run out of names to invite, how many people do you think your down-lines know? How many people do these other people know? How many people will you eventually get to know in a few years time?

If you invest in people, can you imagine how many generations your wealth will expand through?

These are four very good reasons to get into the network marketing industry, but the most important reason of all isn’t any of them. That has to come from you. It comes down to a personal choice—but that personal choice, whatever it is, will go a long way into convincing other people to follow your lead.

Still need help? Okay, one last thing. Think of the most important dream you want to achieve. Now ask yourself, will having your own network marketing business, with its potential income and the people it’ll attract, help you achieve that dream? Yes or no?

Now, choose.


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To Your Prosperity and Success

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Fred Wiedemeyer

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