Using A Facebook Marketing Plan As A Way To Promote A Product

A Facebook marketing plan is crucial to promote yourself, a product or a business. Facebook gives you the access to interact with millions of users at one time, allowing the client base to increase and therefore an incline in business.

The original use of Facebook was for people to unite with their college buddies and then to be able to keep up to date and communicate with current friends. Over time Facebook has evolved to become a valuable resource for organizations to increase awareness about their product.

Targeting your Facebook Marketing Plan

center32 Facebook Marketing Plan for MLMWho Is Interested In Your Product? – Using Facebook will allow you to appeal to local as well as international audiences. The first thing that you need to do when developing your Facebook marketing plan is to know what type of person you want your message to reach. Facebook allows the user to create groups of people based on age, education, demographic, and interests. This will help you to cluster people into groups that will benefit from the product.

Your Personal Facebook Profile – Creating a personal user profile is the first step to attract interested contacts. You will want to be as detailed as possible about your interests.  You will want to talk about your interests outside of work and include your education, family and other areas that will help a user connect on a more personal level. Once a profile has been created you will want to start sending friend requests to people with similar interests along with a personal introduction message.

Your Professional Facebook Fanpage – A fan page is an extension of a user’s profile, the goal with a fanpage is to be more business oriented. People become fans of those they look up to and aspire to be like, products they use, businesses that they support and other thing that interest them personally. Your fanpage fans will expect for a fanpage to be more business oriented than your personal profile.  Creating a page that is visually appealing as well as informative will help to attract new people. Individuals should plan on asking everyone in their friend list to “like” their fan page as well.

Like Button Facebook Marketing Plan for MLMGetting Fanpage Likes – All fan pages have a “like” button that individuals can use to demonstrate support of a product or cause. Links are instantly shared with friends and are added to the newsfeed of the  person who clicks “like” on your fanpage. The more people that click “like” on your fanpage the more visibility the page will receive.

Using PPC As Part of Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Using Facebook PPC to promote a business or product  as part of your Facebook marketing plan lets you reach even more people without having to do the work of connecting personally with your Facebook profile.  Your ad will appear to those you target with specific interests. By focusing only on those who would be interested in your ad you will bet a higher response rate.

Staying In The NewsFeed – The first page that users of Facebook see when logging on to the site is their newsfeed. By updating status regularly you will stay in your fans and friend’s newsfeed and it will help to keep users informed of the business. As with any Facebook marketing plan, promoting any product or business requires gaining the attention of others. Creating a marketplace and eliciting interest by developing fun contests and inviting people to attend upcoming events can prove to be effective.

A Facebook marketing plan involves using the profile as an online business card complete with detailed information about the product. Using tools such as fan pages and status updates will help to draw the attention of potential clients.

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