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Facebook Marketing Ideas

Here are some Facebook marketing ideas to start implementing that will help to generate leads. Social media is a phenomenon that continues growing, and the marketer who can leverage the power of social internet sites, will see his on line sales increase. It might sound contradictory, but one must not use Facebook simply to market products, because people are quick to delete a contact if they believe they are contacted by someone who is simply trying to sell them.

The marketer, who uses Facebook to build community, and not simply to promote a product, will be more successful than the marketer who blatantly tries to sell his affiliate product or multi- level marketing plan to his social media contacts. Build a fun and compelling profile and upload a fun photo. No one likes to see someone who has a scowl on his face. The profile photo should be of someone who has a smile and enjoys life to the fullest.

Many people look at the profile page first and if the photo is of someone having fun, then the visitor will want to read more about this person’s life and what makes her so happy. When using Facebook marketing ideas on social media sites, image is everything. A person who is smiling demonstrates that she is a caring and loving person and people are naturally drawn to people with an inner love.

The person using social media to build her business should create a group using her name in her title. This is so that prospects searching in Facebook will find her in several places which will brand her as a leader. People naturally follow leaders, and will instinctively follow the person who is listed in many social media pages.

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Create a fan page for the purposes of branding, and include a personal photograph, and remember to smile in the photo. Anyone can build a following, whether a veteran internet marketer, or one who is new to the business, using a fan page to establish oneself as a leader. But, never place a link on a fan page regarding a network marketing opportunity.

People join people, not network marketing companies, which means simply that people on Facebook do not care about a compensation plan, they are there to meet interesting and successful people, so lead with value. Many network marketers make the mistake of leading with their business opportunity and find that after a month of effort their fan page is virtually empty. One has to concentrate on personalizing one’s face book page rather than trying to sell a business opportunity.

Facebook marketing ideas can be used to promote any type of business, but it is perfect for networking leads. The days of the three foot rule are over. Successful network marketers realize that trying to find leads at the post office or supermarket is relatively ineffective compared getting leads on social media.

Social media is here to stay. Along with the growth of social media has come a myriad of Facebook marketing ideas that are supposed to generate hundreds of leads. However, the person who uses face book to build friendships and not just generate leads will be the most successful.

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