Create Strong Backlinks To Your Blog With Empower Network

empower network business 300x198 Create Strong Backlinks To Your Blog With Empower Network

If you currently own your own blog, I am actually willing to bet you have heard of the Empower Network.

Just in case you have not, the Empower Network is an outstanding blogging program that allows anyone to be equipped to market online! When you sign up with the Empower Network you receive a wordpress blog complete with hosting, lead capture website and sales funnel! This is as close to ‘just add water’ as you are able to get!

Building backlinks out of your Empower Network blog to your own private blog will certainly help grow your validity on the internet!

Exactly what does the Empower Network have to do for backlinking?


To recognize what a strong backlink is, it is fundamental to understand PageRank. PageRank was actually developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. Larry Page’s ‘webcrawler‘ began in March 1996, beginning out of his own Stanford homepage. Page and Brin established the PageRank algorithm to convert the backlink data into a measure of importance. You can Google Larry Page to obtain the rest of the report.

PageRank has a rating of 0 to 10. When all internet sites begin, they begin at absolutely zero. Only internet sites like Google and Yahoo have a PageRank of 10. Websites like Ezines and Hubpages get a PageRank of regarding 5 or so.

Personal websites receive a PageRank of 0 to 3– on average. Some rank around 4 or 5. Obtaining PageRank takes time, reliability, and backlinks (references). The greater your PageRank, the more ‘important’ the web site is. The Empower Network is a month traditional, and has a PageRank of 1. A lot of internet sites take a year to acquire a PR1.

Obtain excellent backlinks by linking your blog to your Empower Network Blog

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When your site has a backlink (reference) out of a site with a PageRank the identical or greater than yours, that is a ‘high quality’ backlink. The more ‘high quality’ backlinks you have, the more influential your website appears to the search engines.

When your website seems ‘important’, it is going to rank greater in the search results. Since the Empower Network already has a PageRank of 1, connecting the 2 blog sites will definitely provide you a quality backlink for your blog.

Action Step– Whenever you create a blog post to your individual blog, connect it to a blog post on the Empower Network and vice versa.

Keep in mind, the Empower Network isn’t just any ordinary blog. When you refer anyone that signs up for an Empower Network blog, you get paid 100% commission! If you are actually blogging every day, this is an opportunity for you to blog and produce leads and earnings!

Be a part of an Empower Network that supports you while you grow in Internet Marketing.

To Your Prosperity and Success

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Fred Wiedemeyer

PS. If you love blogging and making money then you’ll love Empower Network
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