Are You Able To Actually Make Serious Coin with Project Payday?

Well here’s the bottom line on Project Payday:

confused Are You Able To Actually Make Serious Coin with Project Payday?So here is how it goes. You go online and sign on to get a free bottle of the latest snake oil. This snake oil usually costs $100 a bottle, but all you have to pay is a delivery and handling charge of 5 greenbacks. All you have got to do is send me your invoice and I will send you a check for perhaps $25, which covers your effort and time, which should also include the time you will take to cancel the automatic monthly shipment of your snake oil, if you do not then, you’ll be billed for it.

Sounds cool does it not? You only need to pay 5 dollars and receive a check for $25, which is an automatic $20 profit for five minutes work. The affiliate that referred you receives a larger check than you do. Whatever, everyone is just as happy as a lark, no-one loses right? Someone does lose and that is the company.

But Is This Moral?

The above is an illustrative example of what’s called incentivized marketing, and Project Payday is an internet course that instructs you how to make royalties promoting cost per action offers in a similar way.

Not everybody is acquainted with cost per action selling. This involves free or very inexpensive trial offers which is a selling method designed to get products into the hands of new customers, praying that the company will gain sales thereafter.

All those garish banners that you see online offering you iPods for a penny, free cash or laptops if you simply fill-in the form or complete a survey, are all a part of this cost per action incentivized scheme.

These incentivized freebie internet sites as they are called, are all part and parcel of the same selling model as Project Payday falls beneath.

new network marketing Are You Able To Actually Make Serious Coin with Project Payday?That is not to say you will not receive your free iPod after filling in a survey or checking boxes next to other associate offers that you are probably not particularly interested in anyhow, but believe me there actually is a big catch.

This is just a route for the company to capture your private information, and you might find that your acne cure cream is being delivered each month and being billed to your credit card before you realize it we all know there is no such thing as free.

Of course, if you actually are interested in the service or product – then that’s a different situation altogether.

But if an affiliate marketer comes in and essentially bribes you to complete the offer and then advises you to right away cancel any farther commitment, the company gets cheated.

The referring affiliate and you both earn money you’re both happy so what’s wrong with that? What is wrong is that the company is losing cash because they’re paying commissions to what amounts to fake customers who never had a genuine interest in their service. So is project payday ethical, we’ll leave you to decide that for yourself. I think it depends entirely on your private morals and ethics and essentially comes down to what you believe is right and what’s wrong.

Suffice it to claim there are many folks making large incomes doing this part-time by promoting these dubious CPA offers. The ones that make the serious money are those that can promote an offer in such a manner as to attract people who may really be interested in trying the service or product.

If you can master the art and science of promoting, you too could probably earn a respectable living doing this too.

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To Your Prosperity and Success

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