Anthony Morrison – TV Guru Review
anthony morrison review Anthony Morrison   TV Guru Review

What is the Advertising Profits from Home system all about? Here is our Anthony Morrison Review The Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home infomercial has been running for no less than 2 or 3 years.

Everyone’s seen it.

A half hour of buzz buzz buzz…

“My dad has made millions, I have made millions, and now it’s your turn it’ll only cost you $39.95plus delivery and packaging, and you too can be rich and famous just like me!

Don’t hesitate, call now! Operators are waiting for your call!

The way he talks it sounds so simple, and at $39.95 plus delivery and handling it’s cheap, so we made a decision to buy the course and delve into it a little deeper. Put it under the microscope if you like.

This is what we came up with.

The Anthony Morris “Advertising Profits from Home” System

When we ordered the Anthony Morrison system all we were given was two thin manuals and one or two DVDs in the mail.

If you do order through the Television infomercial it’ll take over a month to get the materials, unless you wish to pay an extra $20 for expedited shipping!

This is info you can actually find online without having to pay a cent. There are no large methods in this course and you most likely will be really disillusioned.

This is all information you can find online if you look, and you won’t have to pay a penny for it. There aren’t any earth shattering techniques in Anthony Morrison’s program.

Save yourself $39.95 ( and postage and packaging naturally ) and read the following:

There are countless thousands upon thousands of companies online who will pay you a commission to force traffic to their internet site to finish a short form ( become a lead ) or make a purchase ( become a client ).

You sign on to become an affiliate, get an affiliate tracking code, and start promoting your associate link.

You can concentrate on driving free traffic ( which requires building a web site and becoming adept at search engine optimization techniques ) or use paid advertising methods to push your associate link.

You are paid a commission for what you sell. If you can drive lots of traffic to your internet site and therefore make a large amount of sales you may earn royalties. If you can not do that, you will not make a brass cent.

Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits From Home SecretFast Cash Commissions Anthony Morrison   TV Guru Review

We did find the secret behind Mr. Morrison’s Advertising Profits from Home program. Or technically speaking it found us.

So what’s this superb secret? Its high buck back end sales! Inside only a few days of getting the material in the post the telephone started ringing and hi-pressure salesmen kept calling us over and over to sell us the “further information” that was really needed to help us make a huge income using Mr. Morrison’s CPA marketing techniques. On top of that they offered us an individual coaching program and a stunningly expensive ready made website.

These two last offerings amounted to about $5000-worth of back-end sales! As you can imagine we weren’t enticed by his offer and judging by the various other reviews online, there are several folks who wish they’d passed on it also.

This is the thing in brief. Cost per action networks are very tough to get into, extremely competitive and use very pricey software to snoop on the competition. The pricetag to get into the system is huge and unless you are content to go head-to-head with the professionals in this business, do not even bother with the Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home program, flip the channel as an alternative.

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To Your Prosperity and Success

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Fred Wiedemeyer

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